Plant Isoliererzeugnisse Großröhrsdorf

Founded in the year 1845 as Bandweberei C. F. Schöne the company has got a long changeful history. At the end of the 19th century the hometown Großröhrsdorf evolved into the headquarters of the building industry in Saxony. Also at ISO at this location textile tapes had been woven for versatile fields of application such as clothing, technical purposes and wreath ribbons.

Resulting from the consequences after the 2. world war and the splitting of Germany, in East Germany corrosion protection tapes for the wrapping of underground steel pipes were missing. So they started to saturate self-woven tapes in modified bitumen and to coat them. This was the beginning for the long change from a textile company to the production of products for the building industry.

In 1972 the up to then private company was nationalized under compulsion. At the end of the 70s the textile production ran out. The continuous improved and enhanced “Schöne” corrosion protection tapes had been over decades the only products of this kind in the German Democratic Republic.
With the political turn 1989/1990 the company faced the requirements of the competition on the market. Within shortest time important products received the DIN-certificate. With the takeover by dga the production of building materials for the road construction based on bitumen has begun. Comprehensive investments were made to up-date the production technology and besides that structural extensions and new buildings were made.

Today ISO produces complex building materials. Those are besides the BIGUMA-road construction products the worldwide appreciated ISO-tapes. Those are used for the corrosion protection or as self-adhesive sealing and repair tape. The high flexibility of the company makes sure that specific customer demands will be realised as soon as possible.