Disrupted supply chains: joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect currently not available

The Russia-Ukraine war has further exacerbated the tense situation on the raw materials market. The consequence: certain raw materials can no longer be supplied in the required quantities – thereby leading to production losses.

The dga group is also affected by this worldwide development and is therefore forced to stop production of the joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect for an indefinite period of time. ‘We’re in close contact with customers affected by this delivery stop and can offer them the joint sealants BIGUMA®- N2 Plus or BIGUMA®- TL 82 with the respective system primer COLZUMIX® as an alternative solution’, explains Stefaan Haerinck, Sales Manager Road Construction at the dga Group. The company also offers its customers practical support in communicating with offices and municipalities regarding the approval of alternative products.

‘We’re also working closely with our raw material suppliers in order to achieve long-term security of supply for our raw materials again. Regrettably, we at BIGUMA®- Connect assume that the product will not be available in the coming months’, Haerinck continues.

We will keep you informed about further developments on our homepage.