Two-component polysulphide-based joint sealant for concrete road surfaces

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PROXAN®- KV 2 G-S is a fast-reacting two-component joint sealant for joints whose widths have the potential to expand by up to 35%. It is particularly suitable for concrete road surfaces, e.g. motorways and aircraft operation areas where there are high movement absorption requirements. This joint sealant is characterised by its high chemical resistance and reliably prevents the ingress of water pollutants into the ground.
PROXAN®- KV 2 G-S is pourable and therefore very easy to use.

Approvals: TL Fug-StB, Performance testing by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) (test report BAM 7.1/16014734)


  • high chemical resistance
  • high permissible total deformation of 35%, elongation at rupture: 500%
  • fast-reacting
  • good compatibility with existing material through chemical bonding
  • isocyanate and solvent-free
  • various handling options:
  • conventional, manual use
  • use with 2 K mixing and dosing systems possible

Supply form

  • Components A and B are packaged separately:
    Can: 2,5 l, 4 l
    Bucket: 10 l
    Thin metal containers: 25 l
    Barrel: 200 l

System products


Application device

PROXAN®- flow guns

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