Plant Wm. Hilgers

Wm. Hilgers Chemie- und Kaltasphaltfabrik was already found in Cologne in the year 1863. In the beginning the company produced primarily coal tar, oil and different kind of greases. In the year 1903 the move to Düsseldorf Reisholz took place, where the company is still situated.

Over the years Hilgers developed from an oil and grease producer to a specialist in the production of different special products. At the beginning of the 60s the product range included for example bitumen emulsions, Turkish oils, lubricants and resin distillates. Already back then the main focus was the new and further development of emulsion based products.

Formerly the products were sold within a radius of 50 km around Düsseldorf, but today the Hilgers emulsions are favoured and treasured in the whole world. The technical know-how in the area of the cold applied bitumen products includes cationic as well as anionic systems, which are used in the road construction and in the area of the building protection. In the past a multiplicity of well-known buildings were sealed lasting true to the Hilgers slogan: “protect new, maintain old”. As a famous example the Dresdner Zwinger should be named, which was sealed with quality products from Hilgers.

Through continuous further developments of the products, Hilgers specialties can be often found today in areas, which do not belong to the classic construction sector. Whether in agriculture in the pipeline construction, as pre-product for the fabric industry or in the area of the corrosion protection, these and further special cases are covered with products by Hilgers.