Cold applied road construction and repair compound

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We have developed BIGUMA®- Rep for quick filling of potholes and ruptures in asphalt surfaces. This repair compound can be applied cold and can be mixed quickly and easily on site. Thanks to its multi-component composition, it cures very quickly. BIGUMA®- Rep is available in different grain sizes.

Available grain sizes: 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm (additional grain sizes are available upon request)


  • cold applied
  • quick and easy mixing of the repair compound on site
  • multi-component composition means quick curing times through targeted reaction
  • no compressing of the asphalt mix required
  • different grain sizes available for custom applications

Supply form

Consisting of mineral mixture, coordinated bitumen emulsion and reaction component (powder)

Plastic tins:
Available grading 0/3: 19.2 kg
Available grading 0/5: 20.2 kg

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