DOBAU®- Nageldichtband DSK

DOBAU®- Nail Sealing Tape DSA

Elastic, double sided cold self-adhesive sealing tape

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DOBAU®- Nageldichtband DSK (DOBAU®- Nail Sealing Tape DSA) is a double sided cold self adhesive sealing tape for initial fixation of the counter battens on the underlay of pitched roofs. The elastic properties of the bitumen compound ensure a secure, watertight seal for subsequent nail penetrations.


  • simple, fast processing without additional accessories
  • cold self-adhesive
  • free of sovent, therefore environmentally friendly

Supply form

  • Width of rolls:
    50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm
  • Packaging:
    always 6 rolls per box
    240 rolls per pallet (40 boxes)


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