PROXAN®- CP-S primer now available in practical 2.5 litre canister too

Dortmunder Gußasphalt GmbH & Co. KG also provides the A and B component of the PROXAN®- CP-S primer in a 2.5 litre canister each from now on. This 5 litre combined packaging is ideally suitable for use on large construction sites. The applicator can be filled with the primer quickly and easily, thereby eliminating a long preparation phase.

The two-component primer PROXAN®- CP-S has been specially developed for the pre-treatment of porous, absorbent surfaces such as concrete, masonry or wood. Thanks to its low viscosity, it can be sprayed onto the substrate so as to prepare this optimally for application of the sealant.

For smaller areas, PROXAN®- CP-S primer also remains available in 1 litre combined packaging.

You can find more detailed information on the PROXAN®- CP-S primer here.