Less repair thanks to new product BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt from the dga-group

With BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt, Dortmunder Gußasphalt GmbH & Co. KG extends its product portfolio and thus offers its customers a special product in the field of preventive road maintenance. BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt is preferably used for filling connection joints when laying kerbs.
Due to its special properties, the joint filler is able to relieve the stresses between the installed parts caused by ground subsidence or temperature changes, thus preventing road damage. In this way, BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt helps significantly to extend the service life of road surfaces, enables longer intervals between repairs and thus reduces costs. BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt is also really easy to apply using a spatula or jointing trowel. For substrate preparation, use the primer COLZUMIX®- VFB specially formulated for this joint filler.

The dga Group offers BIGUMA®- Bordsteinfugenkitt in 12 kg metal packaging.

You can find more information about the product here.