Joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect available again

The popular joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect from Dortmunder Gußasphalt GmbH & Co. KG is now available again and can be ordered through the usual sales channels.

The Russia-Ukraine War further aggravated a tense situation on the raw materials market at the beginning of this year – meaning that certain raw materials could no longer be supplied in the required quantities. Having also been affected by this development, the dga group was forced to stop the production of the joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect for several months.

“Our broad product portfolio made it possible for us to switch the affected customers to the joint sealant BIGUMA®- N2 Plus, which also has a performance test. This allowed us to continue serving construction projects without any problems”, explains Stefaan Haerinck, Sales Manager Road Construction at the dga group.

The dga group offers the joint sealant BIGUMA®- Connect in 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg cartons as well as in 28 kg thin metal tins.

You can read more about BIGUMA®- Connect here.