BIGUMA®- Fertigschlämme SF

Special ready-mixed slurry based on a polymer-modified bitumen emulsion

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Thanks to its excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and aggressive fluids, BIGUMA®- Fertigschlämme SF is perfectly suited for sealing asphalt surfaces in facilities for the storage, filling and handling of water endangering liquids and can lead to a significant increase in useful life.
The product also protects worn surface layers from further damage. BIGUMA®- Fertigschlämme SF can be used to close pores on asphalt surfaces which were made too porous.


  • excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and aggressive fluids
  • very good adhesion to bituminous and mineral substrates
  • excellent performance properties at hot and cold temperatures
  • solvent-free and environmentally friendly
  • easy application without machine use
  • product is bitumen-based and is therefore easy to dispose of

Supply form

  • Plastic bucket: 30 kg

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